First Steps

Self awareness and understanding are the necessary first steps to turn debilitating behaviours and habits into productive ways of dealing with difficult issues. Change and healing can happen following knowledge and understanding of the issue, and it is through this change that allows us to free ourselves from chronic problems and live our lives with greater pleasure and freedom.

I am committed to the idea that in order for us to achieve some measure of contentment in life, positive and supportive relationships are essential, whether these relationships be with friends, family members or life partners/spouses. This can sometimes be a difficult and daunting goal. In a supportive and nonjudgmental manner, I work with clients to find solutions to their concerns as well as the tools to help them cope with these issues long after they have stopped therapy.

I believe in an integrative approach to psychotherapy which involves the synthesis of various theoretical schools of thought. While using a variety of techniques tailored to each client’s needs and concerns, my aim is to create a safe and warm environment where my clients can feel comfortable discussing their issues in a confidential and professional setting. The frequency of sessions and duration of treatment I reach jointly by the client and myself. I help my clients increase the capacity to live a healthy and balanced life. Often, we can develop patterns of thought and behaviour that are habitual, yet unhelpful. Together we can change our ways of thinking and behaving and gain insight into developing positive steps towards a model of living that offers more growth and joy.